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Mariia Tsegelnyk, a young entrepreneur who contracted the Lyme Disease very early in her life, talks about her past struggles and how she had been successful in turning them into her strengths.

The Light of Healing employs the Healing Transformation System to unleash the power of Healing Energy and the unconscious mind of people to treat their bodies. Mariia, the owner of this brand, aims to stimulate the inherent ability of people to heal themselves, let it be a physical illness, imbalanced health, or solve an emotional and financial crisis.

Because of her highly demanded distinct abilities, she has built a wide clientele base.

But her journey isn’t as seamless as it seems. She had to overcome many obstacles that hindered her growth as an individual and as a professional. She had to muster her inner courage to battle all the challenges and she continues to contend.

The ramifications of Lyme Disease birthed many health-related issues that fogged her memory and cognitive abilities. She had trouble speaking and thinking clearly as her brain was inflamed by infection. As a professional coach, trainer, and teacher, such trouble would have cost her the job. But she didn’t let this impediment hamper her journey.

She found the solution in Energy Healing and was able to heal her body from all the damage that has been cause by Lyme Disease, the damage that was considered to be “impossible” to heal by the traditional medicine. As well as she learned how to harness the power of the unconscious mind to achieve anything in life. She reprogrammed her unconscious mind and rewired her brain to assemble her thoughts and words cohesively into speech and to gain confidence to start teaching and sharing her passion with the world.

She says, “I used the power of Hypnosis, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), worked with my Belief System, affirmations, and other Subconscious Mind Reprogramming tools and techniques to rewire my brain for success and all of these tools are available for you!”

Now Mariia is teaching thousands of people from all over the Globe the Art of Energy Healing, conducting certifications and trainings in multiple energy healing modalities including Reiki, Shamanism, Violet Flame, and Metatron. And her students are sharing these gifts of healing with the rest of the world, creating a ripple of change and transformation across the planet.

“I’ve built the life of my dreams. The life that few years ago I could only imagine. And if I could do it, you can too. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do. Not even yourself. You truly are limitless.” says Mariia.

Mariia is a determined person who didn’t let any minor or major setbacks slow her down. She continued to believe in herself and with that magic she became invincible.

It is all about what you choose to believe about yourself and your ability to turn any obstacle or disadvantage into your superpower!” states Mariia.

As she was born and raised in Ukraine, her accent and dialect are considerably different and slightly eccentric.

I was actually turned down by one of the spiritual schools when I applied for a Teacher’s Training because of my accent,” states Mariia.

She was denied opportunities and prospective career options because of her Ukrainian accent, but she did not let this frail barrier inhibit her from achieving her dreams. She turned this to her advantage by continuing with unshattered confidence and self-belief.

She gained several clients because they preferred her over a hypnotherapist as her voice and accent are more relaxing and calming. She illustrated how she programmed her unconscious mind to accept her difference and leverage it into an advantage; her self-belief was what attracted her clients.

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