By now, it’s almost impossible to deny the power TikTok has in our generation. Whether you have the app downloaded or not, we can now find many new things that are trending on TikTok for us to possibly get into — like new makeup products and dance moves; like the MAC glitter lipstick and the Wednesday dance that took over the world.

Now that March is here, TikTok’s already exploding with new posts thanks to these viral audio clips that are being used.

Audio Clips That Are Trending on TikTok Right Now

1. “Bombastic Side Eye! Criminal Offensive Side Eye!”

One of the newest TikTok trends that seemingly popped out of nowhere! Those who uploaded with the “Bombastic Side Eye” audio would add all sorts of captions — and they’re just as hilarious as one can expect. Basically, the gesture is the side eye a person would typically do to express disdain. Or imagine looking someone up and down and following it with an eye roll!

One uploader captioned her “Bombastic Side Eye” post with “When the teacher says ‘you don’t wanna see my dark side’” while another person posted theirs with “Whenever you see that one girl who keeps flirting with your BF.”

2. “I Feel Bonita”

Another hilarious audio that’s trending on TikTok right now is the “I Feel Bonita” clip. The audio is an excerpt from the animated series, Family Guy. And you can hear the characters Chris and Brian say the lines “Do you or do you not feel bonita?” to which Brian monotonously responds with, “I feel bonita.”

The scene in the Family Guy episode is most likely the reason why TikTok uploaders would lip-sync to it while looking far from what’s conventionally presentable. Some would upload “I Feel Bonita” videos while their face is covered in a green face mask, while others would even have a shower cap on.

3. “Stay With Me, I Don’t Want You to Leave”

The “Stay With Me, I Don’t Want You to Leave” can be posted to either make you laugh or melt your heart. The audio is an edited version of the song “K.” by Cigarettes After Sex. And those who post videos on TikTok with this audio used would typically put on lipstick and purposefully smudge it past their lipline. Their romantic partner would then fix the mistake with their hand — instead of the person who was applying the lipstick on. When the camera pans to the person who fixed the mistake, they’re usually already covered in lipstick marks.

4. “All These Hearts”

The “All These Hearts” video is trending on TikTok because this Justin Bieber song, “I Feel Funny” is somewhat freaking people out. People who lip-sync to the song while using a filter where they’re mirrored (and the mirrored version has a slight delay), would watch as their mirrored version would look like they’re singing the background vocal line “hearts, hearts” instead of the “all these hearts” part.

Go Ahead and Start Uploading Your Version!

Try using the audio clips that are trending on TikTok right now and see how many views you can get — the audio clips only started trending the past 2 weeks and maybe your viewers can get some inspiration from you! You can add a touch of uniqueness to it — no need to always conform to how everyone else is doing it on the app! But as long as you have fun doing it, that’s all that really matters.


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