If you live in Silver Park, Echo Park or nearby environs you've likely seen Marc Abrams, shirtless, reading the newspaper, and walking at a hip swiveling pace that would classify as jogging for most people. He was deeply tanned and — quite obviously — wiry fit.

Via NBC News, he died Wednesday at 58.

Here's a Weekly profile of Abrams from our 2009 People issue.

“Silver Lake Walkin' Guy,” “The Reader Walker,” “Dr. Jogger” and “The Walking Man” (also the title of a short documentary made about him several years ago), Abrams has many nicknames, but those who don't actually know him are always surprised to learn that he's not some nut-job with too much time on his hands, but in fact, is a busy family-practice physician with his own office based in the Valley.

His route was 20 miles. Neighbors, NBC reports, say he'll be missed.

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