A British organization that works to raise awareness about testicular cancer has proven to the world that they have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy by releasing for the holidays a Christmas ornament in the shape of a ballsack.

The company, called Orchid, will loose upon the world a design called Bauballs on December 10. It's red, and round, and simply put, it looks like a set of testes.

But it's not just for decoration; the website for Bauballs provides instructions regarding how to check yourself for cancer:

Get to know them

Roll your Bauballs between your thumb and forefinger, look out for lumps.

Make it a bit more fun

Ask your partner to help you out, preferably before the whole family come round…

Talk to Someone

If you're worried about anything, always consult your doctor.

To their credit, it's actually a very good way to spread the word about men's health. And besides, if we can't laugh about balls, what do we have left in this world?

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