Everybody has a story we can learn from – your personal experience matters. Sometimes the hardest, and best, lessons are what it means to be truly you. How do you even discover “who” you really are? Justin Newman joins Craig Greiwe on this week’s episode of The World According To Craig to talk about a path of self-discovery, and how hard – and easy – that can sometimes be. Leaning into the hard work it takes to discover who you are, and who you want to be, can have amazing results.

Everyone has to find out who they are inside. And you don’t have to be a guru or a motivational speaker, or an executive or a famous person to do it. In fact, it’s almost harder for everyday people. It’s about asking yourself not who other people think you are or who you want to be but who you actually are. Once you figure out who you are, what choices do you want to make for the future?

Being a person isn’t just about going through every day on autopilot, it requires you to think, to work, to show up.

“How do I meet the universe halfway, meaning if I’m asking for something, what’s my end of the bargain? So when I wake up and ask myself that, I have to do the work on my own, and I would advise anybody to just do the work,” explains Newman.

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