Make your metaverse experience your own, with Vogu

The internet which is one of the biggest representatives of today’s generation is growing at an extremely fast pace. The latest development of blockchain, crypto and NFT technology is one still being explored and so, there remains a lot of space for businesses and individuals to enter the market. Today we introduce one such initiative in the industry by the name of Vogu.

Vogu LLC was launched on the 23rd of June, 2021. It’s founder was always interested in all things crypto, but at the same time was well aware that blockchain as a whole is a pretty diverse industry and not one too easy to enter and leave a mark on. With the pre-existence of other cryptocurrency forums, they knew better than to pour in funds and hope for the best. It was the growing popularity of NFTs, which stands for Non Fungible Tokens, that inspired them to finally make a move as people had begun showing interest in NFTs as a form of investment and the market was booming. Fortunately the founder is one to always make sure that any and all opportunities presented will be made use of, which is why Vogu exists as of today. It was with the help of artist Jason Trinidad that the Vogu Collective finally came to be.

The Vogu Collective describes itself to be “an immersive, multimedia sci-fi franchise committed to exploring new avenues for art and storytelling.” Vogu already has several projects under their wings since launch, such as flourishing partnerships with fashion houses and technology brands. The collaboration between the Vogu Collective and JustHype will come to a culmination with their upcoming lineup of metaverse wearable clothing for users of Decentraland. What’s more, the Vogu Collective’s team of artists which is always working towards providing the latest in terms of art, film, animation and comics as a part of the ever-expanding Vogu-verse, has also come up with a 8 chapter webtoon to explain the Vogu lore.

At present, Vogu is moving forward with hopes of growing their presence in the metaverse, and helping people make the most out of the growing trend of using a digital avatar. After all the major objective of Vogu is to make people’s experiences in the metaverse as entertaining as possible,

Vogu has big goals in the future and hopes to become one of the frontrunners of the NFT and metaverse IP industry, providing exemplary opportunities for brands as well as individuals who are looking to expand their audience to those who prefer the virtual world. In the meantime, make sure to check out their upcoming collaboration which features some of Miami’s top artists in a cool new format.

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