Comic Todd Glass joins this month's lineup of The Super Serious Show, with Jenny Slate, Andi Osho, Aparna Nancherla, Byron Bowers, Charles St. Charles, plus videos by Dean Fleischer-Camp. It's a fun show complete with a pre-party with music, India Jones food truck, sweets, Eagle Rock Brewery beer, and wine from Cube Café

LA WEEKLY: Congratulations on coming on out on Marc Maron's podcast. Did anyone warn you not to do that?

TODD GLASS: No, everybody said I SHOULD do it. Did I mention The Todd Glass Show? Available on iTunes under the Nerdist umbrella.

Do women still come on to you?

Not too many women come on to me. But plenty of women will be coming on The Todd Glass Show, available on iTunes under the Nerdist umbrella.

Who do people say you look like?

I have a joke in my act that says people say I look like Fred Flintstone and Mel Gibson had a baby. I asked Louis CK if I should drop that out of my act, he looked at me and gasped in horror. He said, “Yeah! 10 years ago.” But then he apologized profusely and kept telling me that I'm a comic genius. The first half is true. And then in his groggy haze… he kept saying something about The Todd Glass Show, available on iTunes under the Nerdist umbrella.

What's pissing you off these days?

Actually, not much has been pissing me off, I've been pretty cheerful. One thing that's pissing me off, is my neighbor keeps blasting his stereo at full volume while playing The Todd Glass Show, which is available under the Nerdist umbrella.

If you could call a moratorium on one over-used stand-up premise, what would it be?

I know this answer isn't funny, well, now that I think about it… maybe none of them are funny. That's more for the reader to decide. But my non-funny answer to that question is, no. Any premise could be hit from a different angle. So it's not that the premise itself is old, it's maybe that the comedians are hitting it from the same angle. I hope that reads like it was in my head.

What do you do all day when you're on the road?

I get up around 9:30 every day, and I'll go to the gym. I don't really do much during the day, I like to save my energy for the night. After the show, I love hanging out with the other comics. I like to stay out until three or four in the morning. So I don't want to be dilly-dallying at the mall all fucking day.

Cafe Club Fais Do-Do, 5257 W. Adams Blvd.; Thurs., April 19, 8 p.m.; $20, $13 in advance. (323) 931-4636;

Thu., April 19, 8 p.m., 2012

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