“It's a funny thing with me. Things seem to go poorly when I am around them.” A little bit clueless egoist (think Larry David) with a little Lucy Ricardo thrown in, Jason Nash plays more or less himself in his web series Jason Nash Is Married — soon on the Comedy Central website, where he's a struggling comic married with kids. As fuck-ups go, he's pretty charming, and the show boasts loads of talent: Busy Philipps as his wife, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Nick Swardson, TJ Miller, Paul F. Tompkins and Andy Richter. This week he'll screen four episodes and be joined for some standup with Rajskub, Miller and Jerry Minor.

How does it feel to be Jason Nash these days?

It feels great. On top of the world. Big-time players calling me every day.
I climbed Runyon Canyon the other day and looked down at the city and said, “Well, Jason Eric Nash. You did it. You conquered Hollywood. Your art has reached critical mass and security will no longer be an issue. All because of this web series that will be well hidden four or five pages deep on the Comedy Central website and possibly air at two in the morning if they don't have an infomercial about Girls Gone Wild.”  

Telling someone you have a web series is the same thing as telling someone, “On Monday, I start work at Chipotle.”

So to finally answer your question, I'm usually in a delusional state 24/7.

How close is the Jason Nash of Jason Nash Is Married to the real Jason Nash?

Way too close, I put my foot in my mouth a lot and get into arguments with people. But unlike Larry David, I come from an over-zealous place.

I really want to put people at ease and tell them things are going to be all right. Still there's a lot of social skills I never learned. Like last night, my friend Matt Price — “Walter” in the show — yelled at me for being “too encouraging.” Like if Matt doesn't get an acting job he wanted I always say something like, “You're awesome, Price. Don't worry about it. You're so fucking funny.”

And according to a lot of people that's wrong. What you're supposed to say is “I'm so sorry that happened to you.” You're supposed to let people have their feelings. Sounds cold and robotic to me, but I'm learning. Little chicken-shit things like that make up my life and the show. And I think that's the funniest stuff.

What's your favorite episode?

My favorite episode is Episode 2 where Andrea Savage asks Busy and I to have a three-way, and not because I'm a pervert but because Andrea and Busy are so amazing.  
The women in this show were so great to me. Mary Lynn, June Raphael, Rachel Harris, April Richardson, Lindsey Gareth, and even my mom! They all were so kind in going with what I wrote and wanting to tell a uniquely male story. And Busy and Andrea do get in bikinis. That too. Did I mention that I'm a not a pervert?

What topic that's been irking you would you like to address on your show? 

Single people make me crazy with their whining about being alone. The reason you're alone is because you don't want to sacrifice your awesome life.   You don't want to be  alone on Valentine's Day? Well then come join me in Anthropologie while I wait for my wife for an hour and a half while my kid has liquid diarrhea. If there's one thing I learned about being with  someone, is you have to be willing to give every drop of yourself. Both people need to sacrifice so much to make it work and most of my single friends they don't want to do that. 
People always ask me  what the key is to a great marriage and I always say it's very simple. “One person eats shit, over and over again and the other person soars like a bird.”   If you don't have that. Then it will never work.


You have a lot of famous, funny friends. Do you have any regular unfunny friends?

Andy Richter, TJ Miller, Paul Scheer, Andrea Savage, Rob Corddry, Jon Benjamin. We're not friends. I mean we are friends — but I'm not hanging out  with these guys. They're not over my house drinking beers and yelling “Great joke, Nash!” 

But as far as my boring friends, here they are: Tom Wilson. Terribly boring. He works at Staples. And he's a good friend. Awful. Terribly unfunny. Also,   Ed MacNamara, my friend 
who tends bee hives for a living. Oh my God. This guys, so fucking boring.   You fall asleep when he talks.
Imagine if I did that? If I listed all the people I know that aren't funny? Oh man, that would be very mean. 
You just gave me a great idea for an episode.  

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Wed., Feb. 29, 8:30 p.m., 2012

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