Los Angeles-based indie-pop rockers and hipster darlings Saint Motel are going to Vegas, baby! The band's taking its theatrics to a select group of co-eds at the Palms–the kind of select group that migrates to MTV's Spring Break. In a town where there are no guarantees, the closest thing to a safe bet is that the quartet will win over a bunch of new fans with an electrifying performance. (Or that a bunch of barely-legal kids will get Jersey Shore- wasted.) Before they took off to Sin City, we caught up with Saint Motel singer A.J. Jackson to talk about time traveling, the band's soak-up-the-drunk snacks, and the officially endorsed Saint Motel Spring Break beverage.

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LA Weekly: So what's the officially endorsed Saint Motel drink for Spring Break?

A.J. Jackson: Usually we'd say Scotch, but since it's Spring Break, we'll mix it up with Five Loko and a splash of Tiger Blood.

“Puzzle Pieces” is a fun rocker that should get those tooshies in the crowd moving. Do you think it could become part of the Spring Break lexicon like party anthems “Photograph” and “Talk Dirty To Me?”

A.J. Jackson: Hell Yeah!

What are some your favorite personal Spring Break moments?

A.J. Jackson: Time traveling. Five hours passed from the Wynn and then all of a sudden I was at the MGM Grand, when actually no time passed at all, so going back in time was quite the experience.

If the band were to release a PSA about Vegas, what would it say?

A.J. Jackson: Not everyone who says they're Elvis in Vegas, really IS Elvis, so you have to be careful.

Since we are going to be in Vegas, what would you recommend for those drunken co-eds craving a late-night snack?

A.J. Jackson: Caesar's Palace Salad, the New York, New York pizza. The turkey leg from Excalibur is also a good one.

What is the best piece of advice you could offer to the young bucks attending the shows?

A.J. Jackson: Take all the acid except the brown one and then go find Elvis.

Puzzle Pieces by rebeccahaithcoat

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