Patty Griffin
Living with Ghosts (A&M)
Mae Mae on Living with Ghosts: L.A.-based singer and songwriter Mae Mae told us about her love for a Patty Griffin fave.
Mae Mae: A record that has completely shaped me as an artist is Patty Griffin’s Living With Ghosts. I remember hearing it for the first time and feeling like I had been introduced to one of music’s best kept secrets.


For me, music is more than just great songwriting and sonics, it’s a picture painted by a timeless voice. Patty Griffin is that. The record is the perfect combination of beautiful, badass songwriting while also being angsty and pushing boundaries vocally.
At the time I heard it, I was just starting to songwrite, and was hungry to find artists who could stand on their own without the fluff of production or a band. I just wanted rawness and confidence to look up to.
I always go back to this record when I’m feeling unsure directionally, it will always be like a compass to me. A damn good compass.
Mae Mae on Living with Ghosts: Mae Mae’s single “Apple Boy” is out now. The Gummy Heart Eyes EP is out January 15.

Mae Mae press bio:

“Mae Mae magnifies the bliss of life’s little pleasures through a kaleidoscope of alternative and pop, mirroring the unabashed earnestness of her uninhibited personality. Her sound is a reflection of her life and vice versa. Since her childhood, Mae Mae has always lived adjacent to entertainment with her dad, a performer on cruise ships and in numerous funk bands throughout Miami, imparting an appreciation for music and performance upon her at a young age.”

“I love meshing different genres together.” she explains. “I really want to take you to different realms through my music. It can be danceable or chill at the same time, it’s always going to be unexpected though.”

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