Mae Deline seeks to be “Whole Again”

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Mae Deline is an L.A.-based artist who labels herself an explorer and experimenter of the kaleidoscopic yet universal gamut of human experiences. Her music is the vessel that she uses to sail the turbulent seas of emotions, but also where she carries her message of understanding and self-acceptance to every corner of the world.

“This song is about coming home to yourself. And knowing you belong in the world. That your soul is unique, and it’s infinitely special. And it’s yours.  ” -Mae Deline

Though she holds some self-aware “90s angst” in her sensibilities Mae’s sound is not exactly easy to peg into any one genre and it’s perhaps best to leave her in the broad-but-nebulous world of “Singer-songwriters” since her songs certainly do uphold that sense of deep intimacy and respectful balance between instruments and vocals.

after the release of a critically-acclaimed single titled ” Future You And Me” earlier this very April, Mae Deline decided to follow up with yet another seriously imponent new track called “Whole Again”.

“Whole Again” comes through with that cold, angsty “90s” feel that we mentioned before, as it makes full use of a hypnotic background drone with a simple, downtempo guitar chord progression at the front next to a restrained synth wail that occasionally shows up to punch up the oneiric undertones of the track.

“Turns out you’re never too old to rebel 

He was my friend 

Then he became my lover

What a dangerous recipe for despair “

The lyrics are unequivocally pointing towards a crisis of the self, though Mae -Consummate songwriter that she is-  took the time to include some vivid yet deeply symbolic lines up and down the track to accentuate the surreal, wistful beauty that the music suggests. There’s pain and longing aplenty in this song, there’s a cry out for part of yourself you’ve been separated from, and it’s not just another person, but truly a piece of your identity that fractured and became lost somewhere along the way without you realizing it..

I called out to my personal connection to the universe, that force that informs my most natural expression: That place no one can claim or own. It’s sacred, it’s private…it’s personal. And I took myself back into my own arms and I found my soul. Like a rose with its thorny imperfections and challenges, it’s infinitely beautiful. –Mae Deline

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