The skincare industry is a multi-billionaire dollar industry in the U.S., and these staggering numbers are only attributed to the female demographic. Men’s skincare, on the other hand, only saw 18 million dollars in revenue is 2018. Jeremy Gardner is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur who lives his life in the fast lane, and he seeks to absolve such a gaping disparity in the skincare market, with MadeMan Skincare for men. Gardner was having issues with his own skin, and decided to help men like him around the world by creating a product that was accessible, affordable, effective, and most importantly, simple. He recognized that most skincare products aimed at men had cumbersome routines, with an overwhelming amount of options and tedious regimens.

Gardner tackled this issue head-on, consulting with top chemists and dermatologists to create his skincareline, MadeMan. His entrepreneurial mindset was critical in analyzing this problem, as well as formulating a solution. In 2019, the newly minted MadeMan set out to become the premier solution for men’s skincare, integrating streamlined solutions for men on the go.

With the help of Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, a famous Harvard-trained skin expert, Gardner created an east two-step system for men seeking to become the best version of themselves, in every angle of life. The Re(Set) Collection is comprised of The Resetter—a facial cleanser that doubles as a shaving cream—and The Refresher—a CBD-infused 6-in-1 moisturizer with digital light protection, anti-aging benefits, and anti-inflammatory qualities. The components of functionality and simplicity were the linchpins of Gardner’s product, making it the ideal skincare product for men in contemporary society.

Gardner makes it a point of emphasis that men do everything they can to project an image of success, spending a large portion of their money on material items like cars, jewelry, clothes, among other things. However, they do not tend to the first thing people see, their face. The face is the window to the soul, thus making it imperative when seeking to make a stunning first impression. With Mademan, skincare is not overly complicated, accessible, and affordable.

Gardner is a philanthropist at heart, donating a portion of proceeds to the non-profit Defy Ventures, which teaches incarcerated individuals the skills required to be an entrepreneur. The vision of Defy Ventures mirrors Gardner’s  brand values, as Gardner believes “it’s never too late to be a MadeMan.”

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