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Gautam Siwach (born December 14, 1986) is an Indian-American technology influencer, research author, and a distinguished data scientist. Siwach is a thought leader and a Principal Executive for Open Source technologies. He is a subject matter expert in cognitive computing and the Big Data space on Open Source Platform. He works and leads discussions around trending topics like Security, Sustainability, Data, and AI.

Siwach is the Primary Author and presenter of Research work at Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), American Society for Engineering Education(ASEE) and Journal Publication – Society for Science and Education in the United Kingdom. Siwach has been instrumental in determining the leading edge technology and business approaches and developing major new industry accelerators and go-to-market strategies. He translates business challenges into quantitative content, connects products, elevates performance, modernizes, supplies authentic knowledge of technology, deploys robust analytical skills, and delivers success with greater business values.

Currently he works as principal technology personnel at Forbes’s top 10 companies. He contributes as a volunteer to P Tech Mentoring and a mentor for startup CEO’s at Mass Challenge.

Siwach is a coach, speaker, and presenter at major conferences. He was a Keynote Speaker for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Texas, CIO Summit in 2020. As a coach and mentor, he directs and employs cross-organizational leadership. Siwach is the host of the podcast series Machine Learning – What’s up with Technology ?


Podcast : Machine Learning – What’s up with Technology 

In this podcast series, we learn about applications of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, emerging technology, Journey to Cloud and more directly from Founders, CEO’s, CTO’s, Directors, Distinguish Engineers, Principal Technology Leaders and Subject Matter Experts. Each podcast is your digital digest to learn about the most relevant applications today in the field of Information Technology, using Open Source Platforms, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, meet with World Leaders and listen to what they say about security, sustainability and modernization.

S01 E14 – How has emerging technology impacted University Education ?

Podcast with Gautam Siwach and Jin Vanstee !Speaker – Dr. Ron Harichandran, Ron Harichandran was appointed Dean of the Tagliatela College of Engineering at the University of New Haven in August 2011.  | Sep 16 2022 |

S01 E13 – How to Protect your Data in the Quantum Era ?

Podcast with Gautam Siwach and Jin Vanstee ! Speaker – Thomas Harrer , Thomas is an IBM distinguished engineer and CTO for server storage in Europe, Middle East and Africa. | Sep 02 2022 |

S01 E12 – How is technology shaping new Space Age ?

Podcast with Gautam Siwach and Jin Vanstee ! Speaker – Naeem is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO of Space Technology in the IBM Hybrid Cloud business. He’s working to expand IBMs presences in Space Technology sector. |Aug 26 2022 |

S01 E11 – How to champion Technology Community Engagements ?

Podcast with Gautam Siwach and Jin Vanstee ! Speaker – Sonia created and runs the “IBM Canada Technical Meetup Group hosted by IBM” which delivers weekly sessions on a variety of technical topics. | Aug 19 2022 |

S01 E10 – What is Call for Code Global Challenge ?

Podcast with Gautam Siwach and Jin Vanstee ! Speaker – Alicia Walker is leading the Call for Code Initiative as a Project Manager at IBM. Participate in Call for Code to win USD250,000+ and help solve the world’s challenges. | Aug 12 2022 |

S01 E09 – How to grow your Technology career ?

Podcast with Gautam Siwach and Jin Vanstee ! Speaker – Elisabeth Stahl is Director and Distinguished Engineer, leading the IBM Client Engineering for Systems organization. | Jul 29 2022 |

S01 E08 – Do we need research in Climate Change topics ?

Podcast with Gautam Siwach and Jin Vanstee ! Speaker – Lloyd A Treinish is a Chief Scientist in Environmental Modeling, Climate, Weather and Deep Thunder. Lloyd is also the head of Atmospheric Science at IBM. | Jul 22 2022 |

S01 E07 – Is Artificial Intelligence Sentient ?

Podcast with Gautam Siwach and Jin Vanstee ! Speaker – Dr. Michael P. Haydock serves as an IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist for IBM Consulting Worldwide. | Jul 15 2022 |

S01 E06 – Why Artificial Intelligence Projects Fail ?

Podcast with Gautam Siwach and Jin Vanstee ! Speaker – Elpida Tzortzatos is an IBM Fellow and CTO AI on IBM zSystems. | Jul 08 2022 |

S01 E05 – How is Education Transforming with Technology ?

Podcast with Gautam Siwach and Jin Vanstee ! Speaker – Stephanie Soetendal, Stephanie is the Founder and CEO of Matrix Tutors. |Jul 01 2022 |

S01 E04 – What excites you most in the new era ?

Podcast with Gautam Siwach and Jin Vanstee ! Speaker – Amy Swotinsky is a Vice President of Marketing at IBM. In this Podcast we listen to Amy’s thoughts about Dynamic & Agile Business Leadership. | Jun 25 2022 |

S01 E03 – How to address Sustainability issues in technology ?

Podcast with Gautam Siwach and Jin Vanstee ! Speaker – Marcel Mitran, is an IBM Fellow. In this Podcast we listen to Marcel’s thoughts about how to add Next-Level Security & Stability to Your Cloud Infrastructure and stay sustainable. | Jun 17 2022 |

S01 E02 – What are Compute Storage options in containers ?

Podcast with Gautam Siwach and Jin Vanstee ! Speaker Lillian Li, is an IBM Champion learner. Lillian talks about Red-hat Open-shift Container Platform Storage technology. | Jun 12 2022 |

S01 E01 – What is OpenShift ?

Podcast with Gautam Siwach and Jin Vanstee ! Speakers : Shalawn king and Matt Mondics | Topic – OpenShift on IBM zSystems with Linux What is Open Shift ? | Jun 12 2022 |


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  • Siwach, G., & Esmailpour, D.A. (2014). Encrypted Search & Cluster Formation in Big Data.


  • Growth behavior champion – recognized by IBM
  • Winner, Culture Catalyst Award, March 28, 2022
  • Winner, Eminence and Excellence Award, IBM Recognition Center bi worldwide, March 18, 2021, and June 23, 2021
  • Winner, Client Success Award, September 16, 2021
  • Winner, Eminence and Excellence Award, Category – Knowledge sharing and Great ideas

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