Mac & Cheeza, one of the gooiest restaurants in all of downtown L.A. may be moving. Owned by Larkin Mackey, who also owns Larkin's Joint in Eagle Rock, Mac & Cheeza is a “fragrant, modern machine dedicated solely to the cult of macaroni and cheese.” Unfortunately, it also seems to be having landlord issues.

Mac & Cheeza: Interior

The latest Larkin's/Mac & Cheeza newsletter included this unhappy tidbit:

Just a note for the Mac Crew, the building owners at the Chapman flats have decided they do not want us in the location anymore. We are in the process of looking for other locations and will be there until further notice. Note for the new year, be careful of the people who you do business with. Downtown Los Angeles is becoming a place where integrity among building owners is non-existent.

We're doubtful that integrity among building owners has ever existed, anywhere. Putting that aside: Say it aint so, Chapman flats! We've come to dig M&C as our quick-fix mac 'n cheese haven. If the current locale doesn't work out, let's hope Mac & Cheeza melts on to bigger and better things.

More details as we get them. In other news, it's blue cheese week at Mac & Cheeza.

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