Luxe Du Jour Records $9.5M in Sales of Affordable Designer Bags

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Luxe Du Jour, the leading pre-loved luxury handbag boutique, has announced that it earned $9.5M in sales for the fiscal year ending on April 30, 2022. The online company, which also operates Luxe Bag Rental and Luxe Bag Spa, sold over 2,000 high-end bags and accessories to customers drawn by its commitment to circular fashion and the ability to buy, sell, or rent pre-owned purses and satchels.

Luxe Du Jour’s Founder and CEO, Tammy Phan, attributes the record sales to the enduring popularity of luxury bags that convey the uniqueness of each purchaser. “No matter who we are or where we live, a lovely clutch or a sophisticated micro bag is a pleasure to have,” Mrs. Phan says. “Bag Addicts always have fun looking through the incredible variety of wallets, vanity cases, and hobo bags on our site and choosing one that expresses their personality.”

Luxe Du Jour has seen an increase in customer interest in circular fashion and exclusive bags particularly in the past year. The factors behind this growth include the goal of individuals to limit their impact on the Earth by repairing their favorite bags instead of discarding them; the COVID-19 recession, which caused many people to evaluate their budgets; and a desire to avoid knockoffs.

“The feedback we consistently receive is that our customers love that they can send their bags to Luxe Bag Spa to be professionally restored by an in-house expert,” Mrs. Phan states. “This has significant benefits for both our planet and for the customer. Instead of going to a landfill and adding to the negative impact that we have on the Earth, the bag can be lovingly repaired by our experts and then returned to the owner, who can continue to use it for years to come.”

During COVID-19 and the lockdown, when the economy was hurting and jobs were being lost, Luxe Du Jour saw an increase in visitors to its site. “Budgets were tightening in many households, yet bag addicts still wanted affordable options for a lovely tote,” the company states. “We became the go-to site for people who sought to balance the need to cut back on their spending while still delighting in exceptional bags.”

Luxe Du Jour has worked hard to cultivate a reputation for authenticity, which it believes contributed to its sales. The company stops circulation when it receives a counterfeit bag and charges the owner a penalty fee to get it back. It also notifies its bag addicts and consignors in the area that the bag is circulating about the counterfeit.

“Counterfeiting is an unfortunate problem in the luxury bag industry,” says Luxe Du Jour. “We work hard to train our staff and use only the best AI technology, Entrupy, to ensure authenticity.”

As Luxe Du Jour continues with its new fiscal year, it plans to adhere to the same high standards that led to its growth in 2021. “Luxe Du Jour is about luxury at an affordable price, which is built on trust,” the company says. “We will always work hard to make our brand the one place where individuals can go with confidence and assurance to find their next gorgeous, reasonably priced bag.”

Luxe Du Jour is a luxury consignment company that offers an incredible selection of pre-loved, professionally authenticated designer handbags. The company also operates Luxe Bag Rental, where bags can be rented for 15 or 30 days, and Luxe Bag Spa, which restores much-loved bags and makes them as good as new.

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