I got word of this while procrastinating earlier today and I just can't get every teen RomCom plotline out of my head. (Specifically a “Sleepless in Seattle” meets Josie Grossie hybrid that would probably kill at the box office.)

If I weren't so hopped up on Yerba Mate I might have even shed a tear or two.

A local gentleman named Luke is driving hundreds of miles to San Francisco tomorrow in order to hopefully meet up with Nate, a love he lost several years ago. Lost, it seems, because he was a bit of a jerk.

Luke will be standing in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge at noon with Thai food, red wine and (I think) a beard. And he'll be waiting to reunite with Nate and hopefully reignite whatever it was Luke feels he so carelessly tossed away.

“I'll be just a guy standing on a bridge hoping to bridge the distance between two hearts.”

Sigh. Can we all please band together to spread the word? We don't want Josie left crying on the pitcher's mound. Oh wait — wrong reality.

Check out the ultimate e-message in a bottle.

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