Ah, you know the drill. Set your alarm for X minutes before the reservation lines open (caffeine, Prozac). If you're successful, go off to dream your foie gras cupcake dreams. If you are not, start tweeting Krissy offers of free babysitting. Then get ready to put on your Ludo groupie t-shirt and charge the batteries of your cell phone, digital camera, iPad (substitute social media gizmo of choice) and Mapquest the location of the next incarnation of Ludo Lefebvre's fabulously successful pop-up restaurant, in this case LudoBites 8 (yes, 8).

This installation of the food-as-temporary-art-installation will take place at Lemon Moon, the Westside restaurant from Melisse's Josiah Citrin and Raphael Lunetta of Jiraffe (“Maybe Ludo can convince them to join him in the kitchen one night,” said Krissy Lefebvre via email). LudoBites 8 will run from Jan. 18 through Feb. 22, with a fair number of days off in between. The menu isn't set yet (this surprises you?), and there will be a limited wine list by Domaine L.A., of five whites and five reds by the bottle and one white and one red by the carafe. Corkage is $18. Ludo says that the menu will be set by January 18th at 6 p.m. Probably watch his Twitter feed.

And the reservation methodology?

This time no Open Table (cue deafening applause), but a new system via UrbanSpoon (click here). They'll be handled by a 24-hour lottery type entry system starting at 11 a.m. Jan, 11 and running through 11:00 a.m. Jan. 12. According to UrbanSpoon, entries will be selected at random via computer on January 13th. Emphasis on the at random part. So set the alarm or mark your calendar or pitch your lawn chair or whatever. Good-bye and good luck.

A note: We forgot to add what is, really, a very important footnote. Specifically, that there will be 6 seats available at the bar for walk-in diners each evening. Plus, depending on weather, patio seating will be open for additional walk-ins. So, depending on how the lottery works out for you, this might be the best way to go.

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