Got your computer open and your dates and times picked out? If not, well, find your iPad and stop, oh, working at your job. The lottery for LudoBites 8 reservations starts now. (Voiceover. Padma.) LudoBites 8, which takes place at Lemon Moon on weeknights between January 18 and February 22, is using UrbanSpoon this time to run a reservation lottery. Enter relevant info any time from right now (11 a.m. on Jan. 11) to 11 a.m. tomorrow, Jan. 12 here on the UrbanSpoon site. Then just wait while the system assigns the reservations, at random and via computer. If you get in, you'll get a text message on Friday, Jan. 13. (Friday the 13th!) Then follow the instructions in the message and visit the site within 24 hours and confirm your reservation. Fiat pop-up.

A reminder that if you do not get in, don't freak out: There will be 6 seats available at the bar for walk-in diners each evening and, depending on the weather, patio seating will be open for additional walk-ins.

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