Ludovic Lefebvre is reopening his traveling restaurant, LudoBites, again next month, which would make this incarnation number 5.0 of the chef's pop-up culinary show. From July 21st to September 3rd, LudoBites will again be taking over the downtown sandwich shop Gram & Papa's, although this time only during weeknights, Mondays through Fridays. Reservations open July 7th and can be made through the LudoBites website. (A reminder not to call the restaurant for reservations, and that there is no valet parking and no liquor license at Gram's & Papa's, so park your car yourself and bring your own bottle of wine. Ludo's doing this himself; you can too.)

“Everything is the same, excluding the menu of course,” says Krissy Lefebvre, the chef's wife and business partner. “Parking is still free, corkage is still $8, chef is still a mad man & the hostess is still fabulous.  The only menu detail that exists right now is that it will be completely different.  Say good-bye to the croque-monsieur, ham soup & squid carbonara.” No word on whether Lefebvre's foie gras powder (imagine if cocaine were made entirely from duck) will return. Perhaps if we cry.

Gram & Papa's: 227 East 9th Street, Los Angeles; (213) 624-7272. Follow Ludo and Krissy Lefebvre on Twitter, at @ChefLudo and @FrenchChefWife.

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