The fourth edition of LudoBites, Ludovic Lefebvre's traveling pop-up restaurant show, will begin a 2 month stint at Gram & Papa's in April. LudoBites 4.0 will run from April 8th to May 28th at the downtown restaurant, with Lefebvre serving his new dinner menu (still in the works) from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Gram and Papa's is not a large space, so the experience promises to be pretty cozy and intimate. That the chef doesn't have to run around too much is probably a good thing, given the fact that he's running the LA Marathon this Sunday. Lefebvre (L'Orangerie, Bastide) will also be back for the second season of Top Chef Masters, which premiers April 7th.

For reservations, don't call the restaurant: LudoBites has it's own system. Check their website to make reservations and for the menu, which will be up soon. A note: there is no valet parking and no liquor license at Gram's & Papa's, so park your car yourself and bring your own bottle of wine. Ludo's doing this himself; you can too.

Gram & Papa's: 227 East 9th Street, Los Angeles; (213) 624-7272. Follow Ludo and Krissy Lefebvre on Twitter, at @ChefLudo and @FrenchChefWife.

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