JDate? Feh. Synagogue mixer? Better you should gag on my mother's knaidlach. If you've been looking for a Nice Jewish Girl/Guy, you already know that finding a match with other members of the Chosen People is difficult because they keep choosing someone else (read: not Jewish). But if you're a “professional” (read: not a bum) between the ages of 21 and 39, and are determined to hook up with someone of the Hebraic persuasion, there's one event that promises to be a bigger deal than the parting of the Red Sea: “Let My People Go.” It's the nation's biggest Jewish singles event, with parties taking place in more than 25 cities across the nation. Tonight, more than 1,200 Anjewlenos are expected to congregate at the Colony, SBE's newest Hamptons-themed nightclub, where all manner of kibbitzing, kvelling, cruising, schmoozing and boozing will take place within a beach-club atmosphere. Besides the possibility of meeting your future soulmate, half of the evening's proceeds go to the Guardians of the L.A. Jewish Home for the Aging. Either way, it's a mitzvah.

Thu., Dec. 23, 8 p.m., 2010

LA Weekly