Love for Love’s Sake: Sometimes you’ve got to get what you can get. Love is one of Los Angeles’ greatest bands but singer Arthur Lee has been gone from us for 17 years now. Guitarist Johnny Echols is flying the flag with his Love Band, and he’s celebrating 55 years of the classic Forever Changes album at the Wayfarer.

Last year, Echols played a Palm Springs show, billed as Love Revisited. A press release read, “LOVE revisited are original LOVE guitarist and co-founder (1964-1969) Johnny Echols and
L.A. band Baby Lemonade’s original members, who were Arthur Lee’s LOVE band during his
two comebacks (1993-96, 2001-2005). Baby Lemonade met Lee when they opened for him in
April 1993. The local boys impressed the LOVE leader so much, he hired them as his backing
band immediately and a new LOVE was born.”

“In 2005, due to Lee’s health issues and his decision not to tour, Echols and Baby Lemonade
carried out the band’s European touring commitments as “The LOVE Band.” In 2009, three
years after Lee’s death, the band changed its name to LOVE revisited and toured the US and
Canada. LOVE revisited continued to keep the music of Arthur Lee and LOVE alive by
performing occasional concerts in Southern California and In 2016, a new generation of LOVE
fans warmly greeted the band on their first UK tour in over a decade.”

The event takes place at 6 p.m. on Sunday, January 22 at the Wayfarer.





















































































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