The Beatles

Abbey Road (Apple Records)

Louise Post Crosses Abbey Road: Louise Post, formerly of alt-rock trailblazers Veruca Salt, told us about her love for a Beatles classic.

Beatles Abbey Road

(Apple Records)

Louise Post: Abbey Road is my favorite record of all time.  Ever since I heard the needle drop on “Come Together” at age seven, I have wanted to write songs and make music, to have my own band and strive to achieve that kind of magic. And since hearing that song, I have never heard anything cooler. It is heavy without having the heavy guitars and screams and production we came to know in the 90s. It is breezy, sexy, effortlessly cool without trying. It feels fresh and clean in production, but it is deceptively complicated. And that’s just the beginning.

Boldly, the Beatles follow this mind-blowing album opener with the ultimate love song-ballad, “Something in the Way”. Just as its predecessor and everything that follows, this song is timeless, authentic, yearning, aching and heartbreaking. “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” is not a children’s song, but it certainly was for me. They all were. It’s impossible not to sing along, and the melodies are irresistible.

The record takes you on a journey and modeled for me what a good album does—grabs you up and doesn’t let you go. It has peaks and valleys, levity and great depth. And it showcases each of the Beatles unique and brilliant songwriting without sounding disjointed. The harmonies of “Because” made me want to sing in harmony forever. “You Never Give Me Your Money’ is such a tease, as it leads into the medley, or ‘The Long One’, of Side Two. Like the rest, it is crushingly beautiful. The entire album was ingrained on this young girl’s heart and has been there ever since, 

It’s almost impossible to talk about Abbey Road without sounding like a cliche, because we all know about its greatness. But if you haven’t listened to it lately, pull it out and give it a spin. I promise, it is every bit as good as it was the first time you heard it.

Louise Post’s debut solo album Sleepwalker is out now. She performs at the Echoplex on Friday, June 23.


















































































































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