Jimmy Shaw is moving over the hill: his third Loteria Grill is currently under construction in the mall on the corner of Laurel Canyon and Ventura Boulevard, in the second floor space previously occupied by Gaucho Grill. This follows the 2008 opening in Hollywood of the second Loteria Grill, a more formal rendition of the original taco stand in the Farmers Market. If you can really call that a taco stand. Shaw says that the new Loteria will open the first week of December, “maybe earlier.” And no carting vats of mole and chile morita sauce over Mulholland: everything will be made on site in the new location.

“I think it's an amazing corner, and I love the idea that I'm in the Valley.” Shaw says that the menu will be exactly the same as his Hollywood Loteria, and that the 2700 square foot space will seat about as many people, maybe a few more, between the 90 chairs inside and those on the outdoor patio.

Shrimp tacos with crema at Loteria Grill; Credit: Anne Fishbein

Shrimp tacos with crema at Loteria Grill; Credit: Anne Fishbein

Shaw says he considers himself very lucky to be doing well in the current economic climate. “To open a place in this economy? I feed people for a living and they come back. It's a very happy thing to do.” He's so happy that he's thinking even further down the road, literally. “One of my dreams is to put one in East L.A. The day that I find a great location in East L.A., we're putting a Loteria there.”

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