If you read the Los Angeles Times story this morning by business writer Jerry Hirsch, you will doubtless know about the paywall the newspaper is (finally) putting up, effective March 5. Like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal did recently, to reportedly good results.

What you had to wait until the last paragraph to read was that the paper also is doing some other things, specifically folding the Food section into two other sections (Home and Health), reconfiguring them into a new “lifestyle” section to be published Saturdays and called, usefully, “Saturday.”

As Food section editor Russ Parsons told us via email, “Of course we will miss having our stand-alone section. But this new Saturday section will incorporate the best of our food and dining coverage, including recipes, restaurant reviews, wine recommendations and everything else, and it will deliver it on a day when most of our readers are actually thinking about going out to eat, visiting farmers markets and throwing dinner parties. And, of course, our website will continue as it always has.”

In February 2010 the Los Angeles Times moved the Food section from Wednesdays to Thursdays. The LAT Food section, of course, has some other changes in the works, with Jonathan Gold returning to the newspaper. (If this is news to you, you may need more than a paywall announcement to get your attention.)

Thus Gold's first column likely will run in the first issue of the new section, on March 10. If you were having withdrawal symptoms, cheer up. As for the rest of it, we're taking the Fifth and heading to Little Tokyo for some lunch. Tsukemen — or maybe another bowl of bäzole — may yet save us all.

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