Some folks are really scared that billionaire conservatives are going to run the “free press.”

News flash: Billionaire conservatives already run the free press. Anyway, there's a crowdfunding campaign afoot to buy the Los Angeles Times so that the ultra-right Koch brothers don't get their Mr. Burns-like hands on it:

A group called The Other 98% wants you to pony up what you can in an attempt to cock, or rather Koch, block these billionaire boys from buying the Times and other properties owned by its parent, the Tribune Co.

Good luck with that.

We're just impressed that a little old story in little old LA Weekly could spark such an uprising.

Anyway, the 98 percenters say that if just 30 million of us step up with $22 each, a dead-tree empire is ours. Or we could all just buy a bottle of moderately priced tequila at Trader Joe's and call it day. Just saying.

According to a video for the campaign, “the amount of damage” the Koch brothers, who have backed the Tea Party, “can do with the Tribune Co. is terrifying.”

So here's your chance people. So far the campaign has raised a whopping $70,000 or so. All they need is … $660 million.

Almost there.

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