Perennial UK tastemaking publication the NME has just released their list of the 50 Best New Bands, “the 50 bands who've blown our minds over the past few months.” These are bands that have shown up on the NME radar in 2010, from the UK and US.

And guess what? Los Angeles is overwhelmingly overrepresented, notching up 11 places on the top 50 list (the number includes 8 bona-fide, undisputable LA bands, plus largely LA-based acts Avi Buffalo, MNDR and Zola Jesus). One of our local bands also holds the number one slot, ahem.

Here then are the NME-endorsed musicians that help make LA the world-caliber music capital it undoubtedly is. Can you guess who's at number one? Hint: the NME describes them as “cat-obsessed stoners reviving slacker for a new generation.”

47 Funeral Party

46 Active Child

44 War Paint

42 Glasser

41 Avi Buffalo*

40 Kisses

29 MNDR*

23 Foster the People

12 Zola Jesus*

10 Grouplove

And the number one New Band in the (English-speaking) world, according to the NME is…

…of course, everybody's current darling…


Best Coast's Beth Cosentino; Credit: Drew Tewksbury

Best Coast's Beth Cosentino; Credit: Drew Tewksbury

BONUS: The NME has prepared a Soundcloud album with the 50 bands. Enjoy:

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