The L.A. City Council made it official Wednesday: Many pot shops that would have been put out of business by the city's strict new dispensary rules are saved. Be thankful, potheads.

The council made its final vote on tweaks to its pot-shop ordinance that will loosen ownership restrictions for weed retailers. It's original law stated that pot shops that want to stay in business had to have been around prior to 2007 and had to have the same management.

Now circa-2007 stores with new owners and managers are okay as long as one original owner is still with them. Also …

… the establishments have another six months, till June 2011, to become compliant with the city's rules.

What this means in English is that they have time to move, because the city's ordinance will put them out of business if they're too close (1,000 feet) from schools, churches and other “sensitive use” sites.

The council's move could save about 140 pot shops from extinction and let the city maintain about 180 or so cannabis retailers that meet the rules.

That's still a far cry from the 545 or so pot shops that were around before the city finally got its law on the books.

Still — we know you're out there — there's more than a few rogue shops in Angel City. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

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