L.A., America's Rudest City? Yes, proclaims Travel+Leisure magazine.

We're surprised that SoCal's laid-back attitudes didn't impress upon the editors of T+L that L.A. really is friendly. If you're a hooker living within 20 miles of Charlie Sheen it has to be good for business. And forget about buying pot. Dude. So easy. (And friendly).

Rude? We send our dogs to yoga class. We're way mellow. Maybe T+L has been watching too much Entourage, considering that Ari Gold is only slightly tightly wound.

The magazine cites as its main reason we're ruder than New York or even Philadephia (really?) our in-traffic behavior and L.A.'s well-known “one-finger wave.”

Oh yeah, that.

You know what's ironic here is that it's newcomers and tourists who really do ruin L.A.'s traffic, lollygagging on Wilshire during traffic hour, taking right turns from the left lane, stopping for no discernible reason.

You see, we live here. We have to get through, get to work, go home, all that daily stuff. So if you don't like it, you can always go home.

And here's a little tip: If you get that salute, visitors, just say, “Thank, you.” You're lucky you didn't get shot.

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