Leave it to Christine Pelisek, the killer reporter who used work at the Weekly, to uncover a new serial murderer who's on-the-loose in Southern California.

From her new base at the Daily Beast, Pelisek reports that at least three far-flung murders — two in Los Angeles County and one in Riverside County — have been connected and that investigators have cracked open cold-case files to see if other victims could be attached to this 20-year spree.

Authorities indicate that DNA has linked the three killings – in South L.A., Pomona, and Riverside. The victims were all said to have histories of prostitution.

The first body, that of 25-year-old Sonia Smith, was found in South L.A. in 1980. The bodies of Vanessa Williams and Christy Fields were found in Pomona and Riverside County, respectively, in 2000.

What the 20-year-gap, and did he kill again?

The LAPD investigator Lou Rivera tells Pelisek:

“Who knows why he has laid low. We won't know until we catch up with the dude and say 'where have you been?'…He could have been locked up, or found Jesus.”

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