You claim you can party like a pro, but can you really?

Like a lot of other things in Los Angeles, our booze-and-drug-fueled nightlife is perhaps more fantasy than reality.

A new analysis of mobile location data from America's most-populous cities found that L.A. didn't even rate when it came to staying up late on New Year's Eve:

Yep. L.A. didn't even make the top 10 of stay-up cities ranked by Sense Networks.

The winner was Miami, which had the most active users up between 4 a.m. and 5:59 a.m. The company notes that …

Credit: Sense Networks

Credit: Sense Networks

… Los Angeles and its celebrity population are missing from the list; residents did not stay up late enough to make the top 10.

Perhaps all the kids raving Monday night turned off their phones so their parents couldn't find them with the Find My iPhone feature? (This would have shut them out of Sense Networks data, theoretically).

Oh, heck, it's true: Despite our rep, L.A. is an after-hours backwater. We have a history of comparatively conservative policies when it comes to boozing and dancing, despite our status as America's medical marijuana capital.

[Warning, NSFW language]:

And we've been to Miami. You can find a party 24/7, even on weekdays, during its annual Winter Music Conference in March. Really.

L.A. didn't make the top 10 of cities that turned in early, but a few SoCal cities did: Chula Vista, in San Diego County's southwest end (hi mom!), made number 3 on that list; Long Beach was a runner up.

California knows how to party? Um, sure.

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