How do you know when a product you just bought is made of sometimes-biodegradable, always more earth-friendly bioplastic?

Often, you don't.

But a movement is afoot right here in L.A. to create a new recyclable-like symbol that will let consumers know that what they have in their hands is not made from fossil-fuel plastics but rather from biomass sources like vegetable oil.

In fact an online contest from Cereplast, maker of “sustainable plastics,” drew 2.8 million votes that determined 200 finalists in the running to design a new bioplastics symbol that can be displayed on such products.

The final choice from the “Make Your Mark” contest will be chosen at an Earth Day Eve event (April 21) at the Herman Miller Showroom in Los Angeles.

“Make Your Mark” judge John Newland of L.A.'s A + D Architecture and Design Museum:

As companies and consumers move toward 'greening' their products and business practices, it is important to educate the public in the ways they can identify what the products they purchase are made from.

See the 200 finalists here.

LA Weekly