What a small and strange election we just had.

David Ryu has defeated Carolyn Ramsay in the race to replace the irreplaceable City Councilman Tom LaBonge in Council District 4. Ramsay, who was LaBonge's chief of staff and was widely considered the frontrunner, has reportedly called Ryu to concede.

Ryu will become the first Asian American on the L.A. city council since 1993.

Meanwhile over at the always-unpredictable LAUSD Board of Education, it's been a bad night for incumbents. Board member Tamar Galatzan has been unseated by Scott Schmerelson, the first teachers union-backed Republican in recent memory. And Bennett Kayser has been unseated by charter school advocate Ref Rodriguez. School Board President Richard Vladovic, though, will keep his seat, having fended off a challenge by Lydia Gutierrez.

That means the teachers union have unseated one of their least favorite board members, Galatzan, but have lost their strongest advocate, Kayser.

That's a wrap for this very special election night live-ish blog! Join us tomorrow for analysis, recriminations and low-voter turnout shaming. Goodnight Los Angeles!

L.A. City Council
113 out of 113 reporting

City Council, District 4
DAVID RYU                                         53.85%
CAROLYN RAMSAY                            46.14%

LAUSD Board of Education
548 out of 548 reporting

LAUSD, District 3
TAMAR GALATZAN                              45.38%

LAUSD, District 5
REF RODRIGUEZ                               53.55% 
BENNETT KAYSER                             46.44%

LAUSD, District 7
LYDIA GUTIERREZ                             44.08%
RICHARD A. VLADOVIC                     55.91%

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