In this vast region where unemployment is high and the economy is especially weak, it's nice to have leaders who have their eyes on the ball. In this dreary, post-recession, pre-recovery zombie dance we call 2010, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has found the enemy, and it is … Styrofoam. (Actually, as Dow Chemical once pointed out, we're talking Styrofoam-like products, as it's a brand name that doesn't apply to food containers).

That's right. The board recently banned “extruded polystyrene sheet” containers at county facilities, and it's studying a possible ban for all unincorporated areas of L.A. Bravo.

While Maria juggles three jobs, two kids and a seriously packed bus ride home each night — not mention a lack of health coverage — Justin Whalewatcher will be pleased to know that his trust fund cash won't be going toward any environmentally challenging containers in unincorporated areas. Maybe.

It's a 12-month study. We'll keep you posted.

Okay, before you start telling us what barbaric anti-Earthites we are, we'll admit it, Frankenstein-style: Styrofoam-like containers bad. Banning them good.

But seriously, doesn't the five-member board of the most-populous county in the United States have bigger fish to fry?

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