Looks like Imperial Stars, the band that blocked the 101 freeway for a publicity stunt Tuesday, pissed off the wrong motorist.

Stuck in that horrific traffic behind the act's bobtail truck, as it performed what has almost universally been panned in comments at LA Weekly as a crap song (“Traffic Jam 101”), was none other than Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich.

Guess who gets to file charges against three band members suspected in the incident? That's right, Trutanich. And let's just say he wasn't jerkin' to the “hardcore hip-hop” either.

“He was not happy,” said City Attorney's office spokesman Frank Mateljan. “So this is near and dear to his heart.”

Mateljan said the City Attorney's office had yet to receive the California Highway Patrol's report on the Tuesday morning incident at Sunset Boulevard. The CHP had stated it would “throw the book” at the trio, but ultimately that's Trutanich's call.

We were told Trutanich was eager to see the CHP's report and recommendations, and that charges could be filed as soon as the end of the week.

The three Orange County-based hip-hop/rockers allegedly involved were identified in reports as Keith Richard Yackey, 31, of Las Vegas, Christopher Roy Wright, 32, of Garden Grove, and David Paul Hale, 30, of Stanton.

The band tweeted Wednesday that it was out of jail and apparently ready to have dinner in L.A:

Imperial Stars OUT OF JAIL we will be having dinner in hollywood tonight. Who wants to join us??? Stay tuned for location…

We have a feeling the three suspects won't be in such a celebratory mood once Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich is through with them.

LA Weekly