California state Sen. Gloria Romero's  bill to prevent loser politicians who get ousted by voters from collecting California state unemployment insurance has made it out of a key labor committee in Sacramento. Well, thank God for that.

Yes, you read it right. Thanks to a particularly bombastic politician in Rosemead, a special law has to be passed in California to stop ousted incumbents, who lose fair and square at the ballot box, from trying to cling to the public trough a little longer by claiming that they are “unemployed.”

And one guy is to blame for all this:

John Nunez, a Rosemead city councilman, snagged $11,250 from that recession-hit suburb of Los Angeles. Voters ejected him in March of 2009, maybe because of his especially sneaky approach to being a public servant. In Rosemead, he also got caught up in a controversy over alleged sex harassment.

It was all so deeply embarrassing that a bipartisan duo, Los Angeles senator Romero, a Democrat, and Rancho Cucamonga state Sen. Bob

Dutton, a Republican, introduced Senate Bill 1211 to clarify: uh, NO, a failed politician is not “unemployed.” He's just a failure.

LA Weekly