So, the rent is due soon and your prospects of landing a role on Entourage are caput now that the show is wrapping up its last season.

Well, consider yourself lucky, really. Because you live in a town where some folks are rolling in it, and we're not just talking about ecstasy.

That's right, the number one place to land a sugar daddy (and/or mommy) is right here in L.A:

The Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood is the place where you want to go to shake your prospective mate upside down just to see if some gold coins fall out of his/her silk-lined pocket.

That according to the website (tagline “Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby Dating;” and “Where Romance Meets Finance”), which states:

LA is known for flaunting its wealth and its women, and is a hot spot for industry execs, celebrity mingling, and some of the sexiest women and most generous men in the world. The landmark Chateau Marmont has long been known as the place celebs go to be bad, and visitors and partygoers alike tend to follow suit.

Cheesy, yes. But possibly true.

No other L.A. spots made this top 10 list, although the Bellagio hotel in Vegas is close. The site says the “Fontana Bar, Caramel, and Baccarat Bar are hot spots for finding a sugar date” there.

Of course, you could always ignore this advice and get your money the old fashioned way: By sleeping with Charlie Sheen.

Check out the whole list here.

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