Yesterday morning, we reported that a badly burned Long Beach man had been discovered by firemen and paramedics on Monday night — he was engulfed in flames next to the concrete channel that cradles the Los Angeles River.

By Tuesday afternoon, we received an e-mail from someone believing to be his East Coast relative, saying other relatives had been notified of a certain Richard McGee's suicide.

Long Beach Fire Captain Patrick Wills confirms that a driver's license bearing the name Richard McGee was indeed found in the man's pocket. However, he says that the man has not yet been officially identified by the coroner.

After attempts to save him at the hospital, the man was pronounced dead.

Relatives added in the e-mail that McGee's parents have been searching for him for the past 10 years. They were also wondering if he has any family in California; Captain Wills is unsure of the same thing.

If you know McGee or someone who does, please contact Wills in the fire-prevention unit at (562) 570-2560.

After the suicide, 90 percent of McGee's body was covered second- and third-degree burns. Long Beach Fire Captain Richard Brandt, who was there at the scene, told City News Service Monday night: “He said he had reasons for doing it. He didn't say why, but he said he had reasons.''

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