The Clash

London Calling (CBS/Epic)

London Calls Pulley: Trey Clinesmith of long running SoCal punks Pulley told us about his love for a Clash classic.



Trey Clinesmith: Picking a favorite album is a difficult task.

I remember in 1980, I got two records for Christmas. The first was the Police’s Zenyatta Mondatta (great) and the second was the Clash’s London Calling.

London Calling spoke to me. It was raw yet melodic with driving rhythms and catchy hooks. Lyrically, it wasn’t about fast cars and fast women like so much of the ’70s rock bands. It was about change, it was rebellious, it had a message. It was something that I needed in my life then and now.

London Calling inspired me to play my guitar loud and to protest even louder. The album itself covers many genres yet never loses that sound that is the Clash.

London Calling is the one album that I can put on today that is as exciting now as it was 42 years ago.

London Calls Pulley: Pulley’s new album The Golden Life was released on May 13 via SBÄM Records.

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