Shaggy chic: GW, AP, VD

At last, the unwashed hirsute masses have a supergroup to worship. Well, other than Foo Fighters, QOTSA, Animal Collective, and all of those Strokes spin-offs.

And maybe it's not so much a supergroup as a momentary collision of three mostly underground entities, but make no mistake: When Minneapolis band Velvet Davenport came together with freak-folk local Ariel Pink and the fuzz-loving Gary War at the latter's L.A. apartment, drains were undoubtedly clogged.

Perhaps those unyielding hair clots were the inspiration for the title of this crew's collaborative debut, “Get Out,” streaming and downloadable below.

This song and just-leaked B-side “Run” appear on a 7-inch due out via SHDWPLY Records at the end of the month. A third track, “Surfer Girl,” was recorded as well but plans for its release haven't yet emerged. All three were written by VD, feature playing and singing by AP and GW, and achieved that glorious shabby chic courtesy of a trusty old 8-track.

Download “Run” after the jump, and see what this trio would look like if it enlisted Doctor Moreau as its manager — you know, to help make the lineup a little more… permanent.

And with no further ado, West Coast Sound presents Ariel's Velvet War:


Nyuk nyuk.

LA Weekly