I'm a karaoke slut, but just like most real ladies of the night, I have to be properly liquored up before I give it up (on the mic).

Brass Monkey, Smog Cutter, Amagi…. they're all fun and I've drunkenly crooned up a storm at each a bunch o' times, but a couple weeks ago I discovered a new realm of karaoke awesomeness and I just have to share it.

I attended my pal, fellow redhead and music scribe Lyndsey Parker's (read her fabulous NME blogs here) birthday bash at the Rosen Studios in Koreatown.

Lynds is a full-on karaoke-head and after enduring long waits to sing and over-crowded quarters at the obvious spots above in years past, she rented out a Rosen room for her latest affair.

(This guitar pillow was one of her gifts!)

So we were the only non-Asian people there, but if word gets out about how wacky cool this place is, that is sure to change.

The song-book is fat with rock classics, pop hits, bad death metal (?) and yes, Korean numbers, but what's really a hoot about the set-up are the giant video screens, which not only display lyrics but cheesily-acted vignettes that have absolutely nothing to do with the song. (“Hot Child in the City” had some weird military theme).

The best visuals go with pop hits, and when me and gal pal attempted Justin Timberlake's “SexyBack” the video was a Zwinky-fest meets Dance Dance Revolution match on acid. (Zwinkies are those big-eyed cartoon creatures in case ya didn't know, and DDR is that game that has kiddies pouncing on light up squares to see who has the fastest/fierecest moves.)

There's a full bar and full food menu to keep those who don't sing occupied, but even shy-sters might get up the nerve to wail in this relaxed, friends-only environment. Plus, you can actually sing from your seat (like I did here).

Apparently, Rosen isn't the only studio of its kind either. In Japan, these private rooms called “karaoke boxes” are everywhere, and unbeknownst to me until recently we've got a bunch of 'em right here in LA too: Yuu Yuu on Sawtelle and Orchid on 6th St., being two of the most popular for hipster parties.

The only drawback to these private rooms? Sometimes I actually wanna wail for strangers.

Told ya I'm a (singing) slut.

Rosen Studios, 3488 W 8th St. Koreatown. (213) 387-0469

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