Believe it or not, there's a good number of you heathens out there keeping track of your sexcapades in notebooks and spreadsheets, noting who you banged, how, where, what he/she was wearing, and what you weren't.

Not only is this method tough to organize (alphabetical order can prove difficult post-coital) it's also risky — nosy roommates and human error can cause this sensitive statistical data to make the rounds with detrimental consequences.

And that's why a young gentleman created the Little Black Book app. This program stores the most intimate details — name, place, when/where, what (and who) went down — in a protected iPhone environment that's easy to access — and just as easy to hide.

Plus it's all anonymous, so the identity of each LBB user remains secret.

But what LBB creator Jonathan Eppers didn't expect was to have his app downloaded thousands of times on three different continents, with users detailing some salacious intricacies of each hookup – including whether or not condoms were used. There was something to be done with this fascinating info.

“Since the data is anonymous and I'm a very visual person, I wanted something that people could quickly look at and get a very good idea of what we were learning,” Eppers said. “I hate graphs and we came up with a creative way to present the info in a non-graph visual.”

So Eppers broke down statistically what percentage of LBB users have sex on couches, in alleys, or on Saturdays in an easy-to-swallow infographic. With about 2,000 downloads and users in the UK, Canada, U.S. and Australia, the data provide a fun way to assume what your friends did (and where) last weekend. (Because the users remain anonymous, essential demographic details – including age, sex and sexual orientation – aren't included.)

  • On average, we had sex with about 7 people last year.
  • The most popular hook-up act was (GASP!) making out – with unprotected sex at a close second.
  • Parking garages are the 4th most popular hook-up destination.
  • 23% of our rendezvous sucked.

“I was actually quite surprised that people put so many intimate details in to the app,” Eppers said. “Details like where they did it and what they did. I was also surprised to see that more people are having unprotected sex than protected sex. I thought it would be the other way around. It's been very interesting going out and having people come up to me and tell me about their LBB.”

Makes sense...

Makes sense…

The Little Black Book works on the iPhone, iTouch and iPad and can be personalized according to each user's preference, making it more convenient, covert AND cute to use the app rather than that ratty notebook you keep under your mattress. (Yeah, I've seen yours. You know who you are.)

Check out the full infographic at the Little Black Book's website, and if you feel so inclined to make a new New Year's resolution (it's almost April, so why the hell not?) make it to stay organized.

Keep track of your receipts, fold your laundry right after you wash it, and stealthily record and rate all of your hookups this year so you can…I dunno…look at it later and blush?

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