Jimmy Tamborello, aka Dntel, aka 50% of the Postal Service, aka Dublab host of Dying Songs, aka former KXLU music director, has a lot of projects. He is a sought-after producer and his 2007 Dntel album, Dumb Luck, was a cornucopia of collaborations (Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes, and Grizzly Bear alums). Now, he's going it alone. Subpop announced that his upcoming Dntel release, slated for December 7th, has exactly 0.00 collaborators, featuring just Tamborello, his beat machines, and that familiar stripped down glitch-pop. The new music will be released as two EPs entitled After Parties 1 & 2. The instrumental, minimal tracks from the glitch-pop originator revive the atmospheric, microbeat sound of his 2001 LP Life Is Full of Possibilities. That record, of course, was where Ben Gibbard first collaborated with Tamborello on a track that predated the Postal Service. Then in just a few short years, the Postal Service would be the soundtrack of nearly every car commercial and mopey indie rom com trailer of 2004.

In tune with that oh-so popular new trend, neither album will be released on CD, they'll only be available on 12″ vinyl and as digital files. Death to those silver coasters!

Whoa. Sorry about that. Vitriol: it's in me. Anyway, listen and download the new tracks here, and maybe lay down your own freestyle flow over them while you eat your Cheerios. Oh and do you want to see a kid “covering” Confide's screamo cover of Postal Service's “Such Great Heights?” Of course you do. It's excruciating/ awesome.

I'm so glad YouTube didn't exist when I was a teenager:

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