When the stars align, great things happen.

L.A. beat-maker/songwriter Baths, a.k.a. Will Wiesenfeld is a young man whose star is most definitely on the rise.

And Dntel, a.k.a. Jimmy Tamborello, is already a burning sun as far as electronic music heads, Dublab listeners and Postal Service fans are concerned.

In fact, that very sentiment was reflected in a Facebook post from Wiesenfeld yesterday, written in his inimitably cheery (!) style, which also revealed the free release of an unexpected yet wholly welcome treat:

“dude you guys. DNTEL remixed 'Rain Smell.' DREAM COME TRUEEEEE ♥”

Indeed, Dntel has remixed the song “Rain Smell” from Bath's recently released LP debut, Cerulean and the results are, like, totally worth geeking out about.

An atmospheric opening with a looming bass line eventually breaks into the kind of low-key four-on-the-floor that folks like Four Tet, Caribou and Mount Kimbie have been exploring of late. Meanwhile, chopped horns, strings and vocals enhance the dueling dynamic of chill vs. hyped (yes, we just typed that).

Wiesenfeld's announcement linked to the SoundCloud player we've embedded below. Stream using the big orange arrow, and download using the little black one on the right.

Rain Smell (Dntel mix) by Dntel

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