Over the weekend, KCRW DJs including Jeremy Sole turned out in Chinatown for the sorely disappointing Make It Funky Music and Arts Festival.

The 10-hour event featured precious few live acts (three bands?) and far too many DJs crammed into a small space shared by vendors and food trucks.

Without live music, it was a 30-minute affair at best, but with an entrance fee, which made it kinda insulting. So yeah, it coulda been better.

That said, we've no doubt the organizer's intentions were in the right place — what they did, they did in the name of the funk. They'll just need to do it better next time.

But English-born Colombian resident Will Holland is someone who gets it right the first time. Whether performing as Quantic, the Limp Twins, or the brand-new reggae-inspired Flowering Inferno, Holland puts it down for the funk, and the funk reciprocates.

So what do we have here?

In honor of the brand new release, Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno's Dog With A Rope, Jeremy Sole has lovingly put together an excellent 44-minute mix that plays a little bit like Bob Marley's Talking Blues — the music itself is a live collection of music spanning the Quantic oeuvre, while breif interviews with Holland are interspersed throughout.

A good way to ease into the week — relive, in headphones, the Make It Funky fest the way it should've sounded. Pues, nostoros presenta, Lo Mejor y Sabor de Quantic de Jeremy Sole.

"Lo Mejor y Sabor de Quantic," by Jeremy Sole

“Lo Mejor y Sabor de Quantic,” by Jeremy Sole

The back, with track listing:

"A Retrospective of Will Holland," by Jeremy Sole

“A Retrospective of Will Holland,” by Jeremy Sole

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