Big Sir vocalist, Air collaborator and solo artist Lisa Papineau lends her haunting voice to a pair of songs on a brand new album by the Mars Volta's Omar Rodriguez Lopez.

It seems like the axe-wielding afro'd wonder churns out a new album a week, but if they keep being as good as his latest, Cizaña De Los Amores, then we'll have no choice but to keep covering.

Only a month ago, Rodriguez Lopez unveiled Tychozorente, his groundbreaking collaboration with Low End Theory DJ Nobody. This one seems like a choice reintroduction to Papineau, who gets gorgeously tangled up in all that dooming piano, ethereal haze and apocalyptic guitar work.

Listen below. Tracks 1 (“Soledad y Silencio”) and 7 (“Nada de Amor”) feature Papineau. The album also features singer Ximena Sariñana Rivera, Mars Volta bassist Juan Alderete De La Peña and guitarist Marcel Rodriguez Lopez.

Also, catch Papineau performing her own song, “Rainmaker” with drummers Chris Tsagakis (Rx Bandits) and Michael Morgan for the Sargent House Glassroom Sessions:

And a stunning, hushed rendition of the unreleased “Sorry I Cannot English,” apparently recorded after complaints from a neighbor shut down the dual drummers.

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