Kim Kardashian was recently targeted by the Courage Campaign for her relatively low tax rate: Despite her $12 million income in 2010, she paid a rate slightly higher than someone who made $47,000 that year. “Tell Kim Kardashian to Pay Her Fair Share,” the group declared.

Turns out Kim K. isn't the only shopaholic celebrity who might have underpaid the people:

Lindsay Lohan failed to pay income tax in 2009, and Uncle Sam recently filed tax lien papers asking for the more than $93,000 it says she owes.

You mean all that time she was clubbing, stealing jewelry and buying powdered supplies and she didn't have enough cash to pay her American citizen ship dues?

This sounds like an issue for the Occupy nation.

Of course, Lohan says she thought her people — in this case accountants — were taking care of this, according to TMZ.

(Wonder if that would fly as an excuse for regular folks).

Her reps tell the site she's on the case like straw to mirror. Expect rolled up bills to hit the treasury department soon.

Lohan's recent Playboy pictorial reportedly got her a nearly $1 million payday, so she has the cash, if she hasn't, you know, partied it away already.

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