Lindsay Lohan was ordered by a Superior Court judge in Beverly Hills Wednesday to stay in the Los Angeles area through November. Darn, right? After allegedly calling Angelenos “disgusting” and apparently threatening (through her mother) to move to New York, we were all about to breathe a sigh of relief and put the Lohan years behind us.

But no … Lohan has to continue outpatient drug counseling, 12-step meetings and psychotherapy at least through Nov. 1, according to a decision by Judge Elden Fox. This all stems from two three-year-old convictions for DUI and a subsequent probation violation. Thanks, your honor. Why do the rest of us have to be punished? We say let New York have Lohan.

For all the bitching and moaning about illegal immigrants and all the costs they allegedly create for the education, health and criminal justice systems, we're spending loads of money dragging this case involving a very-legal young woman on for years. And, unlike the undocumented, she doesn't want to be here! (And, from what we can tell, she's not big on working hard either).

Oh well. Maybe Santa will bring her a one-way ticket to Gotham.

Meanwhile, Lohan will be subject to random drug and alcohol tests twice a week. You know what that means? She won't even be able to contribute much to the local underground economy.

At least the fashion boutiques on Robertson Boulevard will be happy.

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