So after years of run-ins with the po-po in Los Angeles, including two drunk-driving convictions, hit-and-run allegations and a jewelry-theft conviction, Lindsay Lohan decided to hightail it to New York City.

There she could make a fresh start away from the paparazzi and, theoretically, at least, get around without having to use those pesky cars.

Oops. Guess not. This morning Lohan was arrested:

TMZ broke the news that her move to Manhattan hasn't changed things much so far.

A pedestrian accused her of hitting him with her Porsche Cayenne near an alley between the Maritime and Dream hotels in the Chelsea area of Manhattan.

The actress was arrested about 2:30 a.m. for allegedly leaving the scene of an accident, according to TMZ.

This is after she took to Twitter last week to criticize Amanda Bynes for her driving problems, including two hit-and-run allegations and a DUI arrest.

But TMZ says that surveillance video from Lohan's latest behind-the-wheel mishap shows that the accuser might have been “grossly exaggerating.”

Oh, and she wasn't drunk.

One bit of advice for Lindsay? You can do without the car in Manhattan. And if you need one, there's always a taxi around the corner. Great thing about New York.

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