Beverly Hills Superior Court Judge Elden Fox is a sucker for smoker's voice. At 9:30 a.m. this morning, City News Service reported that Fox pardoned L.A. bad-girl (and sometimes actress) Lindsay Lohan of her pending sentence, ruling that she will instead be allowed to continue rehab at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage.

“I'm not going to be manipulated,'' Fox said. Even experts like Perez Hilton confirmed before the hearing that LiLo's 8-Ball read “Things aren't looking good, Girl.”

But what lawman in his right mind could say no to those “Parent Trap” freckles?

Hollwood's favorite hot mess has been in and out of courtrooms since her arrest in May 2007, made on suspicion of DUI and cocaine possession. At that time, Lohan was put on three-year probation, but has since tallied another DUI, missed a probation hearing and tested positive for cocaine and amphetemines.

So far, Lohan has only spent a total of 13 days trembling alongside butch inmates in the slammer (before being let go on $300,000 bail). Though Fox has ordered 180 more days if she ever tests positive again, the 24-year-old's track record is enough to tell that fair punishment is probably not in the cards.

Best of all, Fox allowed the starlet to take off the god-awful SCRAM bracelet that's been ruining all her photo shoots.

The only bad news is that Lohan will have to postpone her threatened move to New York until February 25, when she is scheduled to appear in court for one last time. (That is, unless she manages to test positive before then. We certainly wouldn't put it past her.)

The red-turned-blondehead's last tweet was almost a month ago, on September 26. How will we know what she's feeling?! Take your best guess, Los Angeles.

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